"No living soul should have to suffer or die in the name of fashion." - Fashion Revolution


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cruelty free ethical philosophy

'Thou Shalt Not Kill'

Exodus 20:13 



Welcome to the “All you need to know” informative directory for the latest innovations in cruelty free fashion seeking to redefine luxurious high-end fashion without compromise, minus the victim. 

We believe that sentient beings are to be respected and not mass reared with the sole purpose to be turned into products for us to use and wear for the sake of our pleasure and vanity; only to throw out in a season’s cycle. As we move from the old into the new; using cutting edge bio-technology, the world of textiles is now providing us with some incredible new age fabrics that are sustainable and cruelty free.

Discover the game changing BioFabrication companies that are the forefront pioneers of lab grown, DNA infused, plant based vegan fibres. These companies are changing the future of textiles as we know it, using green chemistry, creating less pollution, and long term sustainability.

The Biologically advanced materials that signify a new era, that is the "Bio-fabrication Age" turning 'waste' materials into luxurious resources, creating a truly circular and a restorative system producing some of the most luxurious ethical brands and designers of today. 

Learn and be educated as to what happens to animals used for fashion so you become aware of what you are inadvertently funding and why sustainable fashion is the answer to our current environmental disaster problem. 

Surely it is our social responsibility to make the change. Everything is supply and demand where the power is in the hands of the manufacturing industry and the consumers. The more awareness we can bring on the horrifying, old world practices of the fashion industry, the sooner we can move into the new era that is cruelty free. 

The damage and abuse caused by the use of animal products in the fashion industry is astronomical. The only ethical way for fashion to move forward is one that does not involve animals in the process.

The fashion industry is our self expression of beauty and individuality; it is a dream creator. It is what we communicate our unique identity through and therefore we don't need to steal someone else's. We understand that there is no place for barbaric practices and cruel animal exploitation in today’s fashion conscious society.



How much does a life cost?

Animal cruelty in fashion is enabled when there is a demand for the product. We no longer need livestock to create materials, we have to get past killing animals and seeing them as mere resources; they are living beings with emotions. Sentient life has the right to share and enjoy this planet with us in peace and harmony, it is not here just to be shaped into objects for our use.

YOU are the future of fashion so the next time you are tempted by a pair of shoes, a bag, a jacket or any other leather/fur/silk/wool/down/exotic skin item of clothing or accessory, please understand that it sentenced a beautiful creature to a lifetime of horrendous suffering and excruciating death.

Just ask yourself, if this is the sort of fashion you wish to represent yourself through? Are you comfortable with knowing the process to keep paying for it to continue, when it is unnecessary and there are alternatives? Does it align with your personal morals and ethics?



Welcome to the future of fashion and discover a new world of textiles that is already here and available. Compassionate and creative bio design engineers are for instance producing bio leather from collagen, spider silk brewed from yeast cells, materials from fruit waste, editing DNA molecules to grow fibres and using plant based dyes. 

Throughout history, material innovation has marked civilisation’s progress. In the Stone Age, we mastered natural materials like leather, silk and wool; the Plastics Age brought us synthetic polymers, and the Information Age unlocked life itself: DNA.

Now, building on decades of research and ingenuity we are able to tap into nature’s toolkit to create biologically advanced materials that signify a new era: The Biofabrication Age.



Sustainability and compassion is the new cool, because green really is the new black. A new wave of fashionista activists and ethically conscious consumers and designers are paving the way to a brighter bloodless future.


In 2018 a significant amount of luxury fashion houses vowed to eliminate fur from their collections. Whilst international fur bans are taking place across the world and fur farming becoming illegal in many countries, animal testing bans are also being put in place across the globe. Along with London's Camden Market and London's Fashion Week committed to no longer accepting fur from 2018. The compassionately conscious future is becoming progressively more apparent, as we pave the way into a cruelty free world.