"No living soul should have to suffer or die in the name of fashion." - Fashion Revolution


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Ksenia Lavrentieva ☭ (aka Kay Lovelle) 

Editor of BFV & Founder of The K Code

Transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle has been life changing. First it was the cosmetics, then it was the food, then came the fashion and then everything else; the further you go - the deeper you know. I learned about what happens to animals in each of these categories in graphic detail so I decided that I no longer wished to continue fuelling such cruel industries, that not only kills intelligent, sentient life in the most barbaric ways for food, fashion and cosmetics, but also wreaks havoc on our health and wellbeing. I realised that I have a choice and the animals don't. 

I concluded that by becoming plant-based, I would discontinue my consumption of animal products in every aspect with the positive outcome that I would not only be saving the lives of animals but bettering my health to live longer at my most optimal and help the environment in the process. Another major factor in my decision making was the animal agriculture and the fashion industry where animals are used, which bring enormous environmental devastation adding to the climate disaster more than all of the world's transportation combined. 

With regard to industries that profit themselves through the exploitation and killing of innocent victims who feel love, fear and suffering, just like us, I decided to support companies that offer ethical transparency. 

I became an activist shortly after going plant-based, because you cannot deny the truth and being a complete empath I wanted to give a voice to things that matter; a voice to the voiceless. My mission is to bring as much awareness to the cruelty and exploitation within the food, fashion and cosmetics industry. So we can make better decisions for the benefit and mercy of our animals, our society and towards the well being of our planet.

I have decided to target the fashion industry predominantly because it is a trillion dollar industry that affects mankind on all levels thus having a huge social impact on the world. The industry by its practices and processes endorses cruelty and allows animal exploitation, making it seemingly acceptable without forethought as to how unnecessary it actually is. If I can help shift the perception and denormalise the use of animal skins in fashion and shine the light on the pain and suffering of voiceless animals in order to produce these accessories merely to satisfy our demands and corporate greed - it could just move mountains. If fashion goes cruelty free this will change the mass consciousness of the manufactures, the designers and the consumers, allowing them to view animals from a different stand point and not just mere resources; steering us towards conscious living in general and empowering us with knowledge and truth of how our clothes are made, so we can stop fuelling these devilish industries that pray on the innocent. I wish to help speed up the shift towards a more technologically advanced and civilised future that benefits us all. 

Creating The Bio Fashion Vible gives me an opportunity to alter the often negative perception of the vegan fashion cliché; to commercialise it and maximise the audience to which it will appeal.


I am confident that once people appreciate that cruelty free fashion is innovation and truly is the new desired cool, they will be able to embrace it. You can still be an “ethical fashionista” and can, if you choose, to live your life in a glamorous/modern way.  This is achievable thanks to the most incredible innovations in bio technology, with advanced textiles manufacturing leading the way to the future, along with some incredible designer pioneers of sustainable, ethical fashion. 

The new age is upon us, an age where we no longer need the blood, guts, sweat and tears of others to better ourselves. The old so called tried and trusted practices are no longer relevant to serve mankind or protect our planet. Today’s technology has advanced significantly in recent years and yet our behaviour patterns in respect of animals and the environment are still in the dark ages.

I believe the way forward is all about providing knowledge and education through every media channel and politically causing ourselves to become ethically smart and in touch with the planet and our fellow creatures. 


We live in an age where it’s important to to be financially astute and to be aware of the detrimental effects that your investments contribute to - in terms of animal, the environment, and your own physical health. There is no 'PLAN--ET B' to fall back on.

I truly believe that raising and mercilessly slaughtering billions/trillions of animals (including the food industry) to make our burgers and bags will be seen as wasteful, barbaric, environmentally distractive and crazy sooner than we think.


It is not our fault for not knowing, I would never blame or shame any one person. It is all just phycological manipulation to target the consumer. We need a systematic change and a change in government legislation towards these matters and the rest shall follow. The truth is kept in secrecy and far away from the seduction of the glamorous window display. People deserve the right to know what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to the food, fashion and beauty industries. Once the public begin demanding for more ethical transparency, corporations will realise that they can no longer get away with their damaging practices which focuses on profit above all else. 

I am making it my personal ambition to bring these compelling topics to the forefront through mainstream fashion. Our animals deserve to be treated with respect. We cannot keep degrading sentient life into textiles for the sake of human vanity and I vouch to give my all to ensure we reach this goal in a structured way toward a sustainably, cruelty free world, one step at a time.